We pay much attention to subjects related to the cutting-edge methods of predicting and diagnosing material damage. This aspect is of high importance for industry. Based on our observations and audits, too little attention is paid to managing the risk of system failure nowadays. Such structures as bridges, dams, gas pipelines, power grids and other, critical for the state security, are not monitored for their condition from inside. Until recently, only periodic visual inspections have been carried out which enables actually to notice any existing hazards, difficult to counteract.

Poland has extensive scientific and practical background of applying the innovative acoustic measurement method. We have faced that aspect many times and we have constantly noticed some need for optimising and improvement. Here, it is important also how we examine, how we analyse data and what equipment we use. Recent years have brought about significant changes in this respect, e.g. by data saving in the sensors and implementation of remote data transmission, thus avoiding cable transmission. This offers virtually unlimited opportunities of material condition prediction and monitoring.

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