For a couple of years we have been analysing intensely the impact of distributed sources on the national power system. Based on the experience gained when working for a transmission system operator in Poland, we believe that only distributed sources cooperating with an appropriately controlled and equipped grid can be efficient and safe. This means the grid and its operators should enable to introduce power flexibly any time and of the optimum value.

We support enterprises aimed at building knowledge on the actual grid condition so that an operator can react as appropriate, having analytical data and not only experience. Such tools as Market Management System and Energy Management System are required for that.

In cooperation with experts from the Technical University of Łódź, Eurostrateg Institute carried out analyses in that respect and recommends as fast transfer to MMS as possible within the highest voltage grid to ensure efficient start of implementing smart grid solutions in the distribution grid. We are certain this will enable to increase the ability to connect new sources to the grid (improving energy security) and reduce the power deficit by using the source availability in the scope greater than it is at present.

The analysis leader in this respect: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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