The idea of self-consumption is highly tempting for everyone. Having own energy source, power reliability regardless of weather conditions, neglecting power failures, and first and foremost not paying for power is within an easy reach thanks to power storages. Using renewable sources, including wind turbines, solar panels or sources fuelled with biogas would enable to satisfy most power needs. However, wind and sun are sources depending on weather conditions. The ability to store energy eliminates that inconvenience. Depending on the energy demand, various storage technologies are used, offering a wide range of their applications. Starting from small capacities for supplying mobile phones or computers, through car batteries, hybrid and electric vehicles (electromobility), uninterruptible power systems, to large-scale applications, including cooperation with wind or solar panel farms. Reduced panel prices make the technology more and more popular. Efforts to improve the environment are a natural ally for energy storage development by reducing the demand for energy from burning fossil fuels. Storages are an important component of power grids, improving the quality of energy and security of its supplies, and also likely to stabilise prices in peak demand periods.

We analyse the available technologies in this respect on an ongoing basis, including the ones using waste batteries retaining their technical capacity and usable for energy storage. This trend will surely change the rules of play on the power sales and distribution market. It is worth watching how the market is changing and what solutions are implemented in countries leading in the field of innovations in this respect.

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