The fact is that waste is a valuable resource which should be used comprehensively in a circular economy. It is a refined version of primary materials and a source of valuable resources, obtaining of which from the natural environment requires energy, time and money. A correct circular waste economy is the best solution, eliminating storage or inappropriate incineration of waste which are detrimental for the environment. Our analyses are devoted to:

  1. technologies and processes enabling to use waste as a fuel component, being a SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) product, meaning one step further than RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel);
  2. systems ensuring effective return packaging management. Being experts in this field, we assume such a system is beneficial first and foremost for the state (it promotes social activity and enables to close the product cycle);
  3. recovery of materials accumulated in slag heaps and extractive waste storing areas, according to our experts being an unused chance of the Polish industry and a valuable economic resource.

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